How to win at Live Roulette: tips and tricks

Playing and winning online roulette is one of the most popular pastimes for users. There are fans who only play roulette, but also many others who feel the thrill of ‘feeling’ the adrenaline flowing by watching the balls spin on the wheel. However, winning, as it is been said, remains the primary objective and in this regard on the internet there are many searched keywords such as ‘winning little but sure at roulette’, ‘winning strategies online roulette ‘, ‘always winning at live roulette’ and so on. So in this article here are some tips and tricks to understand how to win at Live Roulette.

The best online casinos to play Live Roulette 

You can play roulette games for free at many online casinos that offer rich Welcome Bonuses and Free Spins. For example, safe and easy-to-use platforms, where you will find a welcome bonus of 100% up to 200 euros, in addition to 200 free spins. Here is now a list of the best online casinos provided by, where you will find many welcome bonuses from which you can start playing and betting without problems with the different variants of online roulette.

How to win at Live Roulette: tips and tricks

Let’s say right away that in live casinos you can find in live version and with live croupier various famous typical games, such as blackjack, baccarat and live online roulette. The variants of online roulette that can be found in the best casinos are many. From the traditional ones and the French ones, up to mini roulette, a particular type that contains only 12 numbers plus 0. But what are the tricks and tips to use to understand how to win at Live Roulette?

First of all, always choose European or French roulette, where the advantage of the croupier over the player is 2.7% (1 in 37). And in more detail, look for a live roulette with the Partage rule, according to which at the exit of zero the dealer will not withdraw the entire amount of the simple roulette bets,but only half. It is also convenient to bet only on red and black, or if you prefer on high / low or even / odd.